Who We Are

We’ve been producing the iconic TV soap opera, “Days of our Lives” for nearly 50 years. And we’ve also created, built and distributed dozens of major branded and sponsored digital networks into over 50M homes, including Exercise TV, Activity TV, Lego TV, Get Up and Dance, Digital Cookbook, Pets on Demand, Dating on Demand and more. We’re working with major international sponsors and digital video distributors to produce and promote our content.

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How We Engage

We’re focused on building passionate viewer communities around our upcoming shows. We’ll continuously engage these viewers with interactive sponsored contests including online actor and actress auditions and casting calls, show pilot testing, viewer walk-on role contests, celebrity judges, storyline suggestions, social media interaction and more.

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What We're Making

Our Hollywood and Latin American based creative teams have been busy developing terrific show concepts. Soon we’ll be launching sites where actors and producers can submit their audition reels, and our celebrity judges and viewer communities can make their selections. The best show concepts get green lit and will be available through all digital viewing platforms.

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