Interactive Features & Contests

We’re focused on building passionate viewer communities around our upcoming shows. We’ll continuously engage these viewers with interactive sponsored contests including online actor and actress auditions and casting calls, show pilot testing, viewer walk-on role contests, celebrity judges, storyline suggestions, social media interaction and more.

Actor/Actress online contest

Soon we’ll be launching a site where aspiring actors and actresses can select a scene written by our creative team, videotape an audition and upload it to us. They’ll be incented to have their social networks vote for their auditions. Our celebrity judges and audience will also be polled and winners will be cast into roles on our shows.

Writer/Producer online contest

We’ll also encourage producers and writers to submit reels and show concepts to us. If we like a show concept, we might fund it and test it on our sites.

Viewer Interaction and Contests

We’ll be building viewer communities around our shows and allow our viewers to suggest show locations, casting, storyline directions and more. And our brand sponsors will also hold regular contests providing viewers with the chance to win products, services and even walk on roles in our shows.